Trout Season Highlights 2012.


Keen to do a round up article on some the fish caught, other adventures & exploits of our members this season.

If you have a UAAA highlight please send in some words & photos to  upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com and we can add them into the article.

Best regards

Alby 😀

PS – see below one of the biggest highlights of this Trout season – well done Graeme.

Graemes Big Brownie

Graemes Big Brownie

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2 Responses to Trout Season Highlights 2012.

  1. josh maitland says:

    im one of the younger anglers in the club,im 15 and me and my friend have been fishing the avon for three years.One of my most memorable moments was one of this year.Me, my friend and my neighbour who fishes went upto the avon at around 10:00am,we set up our rods up with an emerger pattern on.This was the main success during the morning period from 10:00am-11:30. what i thought was odd was we had already caught 2 rainbows between the three of us before lunch.i thought this rather odd considering the avon is strictly brown and grayling.throughout the day between the three of us we had all caught beautifully marked browns of all sizes on all manor of flies.

    this is one of my most memorable days on fishing the avon.
    Josh Maitland

    • Alby says:

      Hi Josh
      Brilliant report – first time I’ve heard of Rainbows this season – heard of some getting caught the year before – the club were sure they must have escaped from one of the Trout Fisherys upstream – thanks for posting if you have any photos of them it would be good to see them – if you have any please send them to upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com
      Great fishing – tight lines