Work Parties First Saturday of Every Month


We need your help.

The UAAA like any other community organisation is run by volunteers & we need lots of help to make the Fishing – the Rearing Ponds – the hatchery –  social events – competitions – & the whole club run effectively.

To make it easier to get involved we are going to run a series of Work Parties on the first Saturday of every month to help deal with the most important tasks.


Work Party Schedule 2017
Date Primary Job Secondary Job
March 4th Move fish from pond 1 to Reservoir General Tidy up
March 18th Opening Saturday at Reservoir Put boats in Reservoir
April 1st Stock River with fish from Pond 3 Stock Reservoir with Broodstock fish
May 6th Clear Ponds 2 & 3 – Install Nets Sort inlet for Pond 1 / Apply weedkiller
June 4th Fix bridge across burn Sort / Renew electric fences
July 1st sort stairs at Hatchery Sort inlet for broodstock pond
August 5th Install stiles on river Clean hatchery intake
September 2nd clean / prepare hatchery General tidy up / apply weedkiller
October 7th Lift boats at reservoir
November 4th Strip Fish Clean leaves / Tidy up
December 2nd Clean leaves / Tidy up

Can you help – do you want to know more?

If so please email upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com this will allow us to add you to the Volunteers database & we can make the neccesary arrangements this way or send us a Message on Facebook?

The shot below of a Brownie Graeme caught from the bank a couple of summers back show shows the fruits of the Associations work – please help us continue to improve.


Graemes Big Brownie

Graemes Big Brownie

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