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Thought it worth including some of the recent reviews of our fishing – you would expect us to tell you it was great – but here are some reviews from others who have visited it our water & taken the time to write about there experiences.

Hope you visit our wee bit of river some time & at only £10.00 for season of Trout & Grayling fishing i don’t think it can be beat.

Meetings Avon & Calder Water By James Muldoon

Meetings Avon & Calder Water By James Muldoon

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  1. James Reid says:

    Hi joined the river this season . Great fishing really glad a joined, lovely river with hard fighting brownie’s. Now where are the grayling on the river ? Also lost my permit so how do a put my catch return in ? Not on social media. thanks James

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment James. Our population of Grayling are recovering so trying to pin them down in one area is the challenge. We dont have any facility at the moment for catch returns but are looking to this in the future. I know you are not on social media however if you do ever join our profile details are below.

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  2. James Maxwell says:

    Been fishing at Gilmourton and Brown’s Bridge for a while now and had great success. I’m a member and was wanting to know of any other good spots i should try especially with the water being so low recently

  3. Hi… I am looking for some good water for upstream dry fly and nymph. I like the look of the water and the quality of the trout looks excellent.. I would be travelling from Dunblane , Where would be a good place to start and the nearest place to there to buy a pemit.



    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Richard, and sorry for the delay in replying.
      Have a look at our map for details of where to fish and get your permit.

      Avon –

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  4. james white says:

    hi there new to the upper avon .any one recomend where to fish was down on the 16th march for a wee cast and a walk to have a wee gander looks good . cheers james

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