Avon Photos

James Muldoon has spent many years photographing our wonderful Trout & Grayling River – the Avon Water – the following photos celebrate his work and the Avon Water.

Please also see this link which is a book produced by local photographer James Muldoon which traces the Avon Water from its birth right down to the confluence with the River Clyde at Hamilton – please see link “The Avon Water & Its Tributaries” by James Muldoon & Nancy McCulloch. James & Nancy have very kindly allowed us to reproduce some of the photos on this website.

River Avon - Craig Bridge by James Muldoon

River Avon - Arthurs Linn by James Muldoon

River Avon meetings with Calder Water by James Muldoon

The Whitlaw on The Calder Water by James Muldoon

The Shoogly Brigg by James Muldoon

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