Please contact by email if you wish any further information about the Upper Avon Angling Association – we will do all we can to help you enjoy the waters we manage. Alternatively contact us via Facebook – there is a lot of discussion via this medium – feel free to ask questions or make comments or simply just tell us about your fishing it doesn’t need to be on the UAAA waters we are all keen anglers.

Email address upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com

For any enquiries about permits please contact –

upperavonanglingpermits [at] gmail [dot] com

For any further information contact –

Roddy Speirs – (Permit Convenor) – tel: 07849 870506

Alan Scott – (Secretary)  tel: 07399 404974

Upstream View of Glengavel Bridge

Home Page Contact upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com

Fishing In Scotland

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