UAAA Grayling Tickets


We have had a few enquiries about Grayling Tickets – we have therefore decided to make a few available.

Grayling Tickets are currently only available from Craigs Newsagents – The Common Green – Strathaven.

Please note Grayling Tickets are priced at only £5.00 and are valid until the 1st Of March 2012.

Please also see photo below of an 11″ Grayling caught by one of our anglers on the Upper Avon recently.



We might not have many Grayling on our waters but they are bright and healthy fish – well done David!!!

Grayling Society Reg Righyni Floats 1 @ 180mm 1 @ 140mm

Grayling Society Reg Righyni Floats 1 @ 180mm 1 @ 140mm

Please also see this link to the River Clyde Fishings webpage on Grayling which is excellent – good work Muro & Vid River Clyde Fishing Grayling Page

Hope you enjoy your Grayling Fishing this winter please keep us informed & we can post up the news about your catches – tight lines. Fishing In Scotland upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com

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