UAAA “Fun Open Social Day” – Sat 16th of March.

UAAA “Fun Open Social Day” @ Glengavel Reservoir Saturday 16th March.


Hi Members & Non Members

We have organized a “Fun Open Social Day” at Glengavel Reservoir on Saturday the 16th of March.

This is a “Fly Only” event which is aimed at encouraging “Responsible Catch & Release”.

It’s a picture competition – which we know is a different approach & a prize will be rewarded to what is judged to be the best photo of a fish caught & released on the day.

It’s not really a competition our day is designed to be a bit of fun & an opportunity to socialize with other anglers.

Day tickets are available on the day for a special price of £10.00 provided you agree to “Responsible Catch & Release”.

Please see our page on “Responsible Catch & Release”.

Registration is from 8.30 with a “Photo In” at 15.00.

Season Permits are available on the day – PLEASE NOTE if you have not renewed by the end of the day of the 16th of March all remaining season tickets will firstly be offered to the waiting list & then if the allocation is not taken up they will then go on sale to the general public.

Please remember “Glengavel” is at 900 ft above sea level and it will be early March so to fully enjoy the day you may need to ensure you are adequately dressed 😀

Hope to see you on the day 😀


This photo sums up "Glengavel" to me - a light ripple & free rising trout.

This photo sums up “Glengavel” to me – a light ripple & free rising trout.




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