Tommy’s Troot


Was up on the water today with Bill Eadie, Jim Young & Tommy – fishing is a great leveller – once you think you have got it all worked out a day proves you wrong – just couldn’t get them to take today & the only one i caught was hooked when i was reeling in.

Bill Eadie however was having some fun with some decent native trout on a wee black spider.

Later in the afternoon Jimmy alerted me to Tommy shouting down at the dam wall – so i set off with the camera to photograph the action….

Tommy's Troot makes a break for the slipway.

Nearly Ready...

Not quite ready.....

Well done Tommy!!!!! Fishing In Scotland upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com

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7 Responses to Tommy’s Troot

  1. james wardrope says:

    can any body tell me if there is any grayling in the upper river.jw

    • admin says:

      Hi James – there is a head of Grayling in the Upper Avon – if you go to the page with the heading fish there is a picture of a Grayling I caught in our waters in December – we believe that the stocks are recovering & we are very keen to hear reports of them being caught. The Association are very keen on our Grayling being preserved & we would ask that our anglers practice catch & release with this species.
      20 plus years ago Grayling were plentiful in the Upper Avon. It would be good to see them back in numbers again.

      If you are keen on fishing the reservoir please get in touch & I can organise a day ticket for you. The season tickets for this year are nearly all gone – if you want one I would get in touch ASAP or you will need to join the waiting list for next year.

      Best regards


  2. james wardrope says:

    nice fish mate.just bought a ticket for the upper river nice bit of water hope to fish the reservoir soon .jw

  3. STAN.B. says:

    beautifull resident fish tommy, well done!! the pic of it half out the water is a cracker!!

  4. Bill Eadie says:

    well done tommy,another monster caught yesterday,pics on clyde forum

  5. william weir says:

    nice fish tommy and even nicer to see it swim away well done

  6. scott kane says:

    aye nice troot there like the spider simple but deadly