Roberto’s “Monster Broonie”


Well done to Roberto & his ghillie / photographer Stan – for catching this fantastic Brownie – i think not only “Fish of the Month” from Glengavel but i’m sure a fish of a lifetime!!!!

The lads were keen to make sure the fish went back in safely – so the photgraphs were taken & the Trout was returned quickly not measured & weighed whats your estimation of Roberto’s brownies weight???

Great Pictures & Trout returned & back swimming around Glengavel – see pictures below & fabulous blow by blow first hand account from Stan B – also there is a video of this event which we hope will follow soon.

It's a beauty!!!

What weight do you estimate this baby is?

Succesfully returned to Glengavel's pure waters!!!

Stans – blow by blow account ————————————————————just
back from a session at dungavel wi roberto. weather report said it was going to
be light winds! but on arrival we found the usual “in ur face” stiff
breeze, so opted for the boat and the top end. fished our way up and parked the
boat in the reeds. had a few takes on the top left bank, but nothing special. i
stayed there and the big man worked his way to the feeder burn. i started to
fish toward him, as he worked his flys down the little stream, and shouted
“any takes rab” to which he replied “theres a great big broonie
in here, just waiting for my fly”!!! five mins later there was a crash in
the water, and all i saw was a huge tail going over

i threw my gear down and started running round,
shouting “sort ur line out at ur feet rab, thats a fekin horse”!!!
rab had ended out on a soft sandy bar and the fish was running around in
shallow water!! we both knew by now that this was something special, and were
terrified of losing it!! the big man kept his cool and played it out for about
ten mins. my wee trout net was looking totally inadequate

but we managed to get it in

words cannot express the pleasure of that moment
we knew the fish was safely in the net!! i got my scales out, but they were not
working properly, so we cud not get an exact weight. i saw a 4lb 12oz trout
recently at the comp, and have seen loads of salmon at 5/6/7lbs. this fish was
much heavier, and thicker at the shoulder than the comp fish, and i wud
estimate it at at somewhere between 6/7lbs!!! its the biggest brown trout i`ve
ever seen and i am so glad to just have been there. after some snaps rab spent
some time in the feeder stream gently revieving the fish. when he let it go, it
sat there for quite a while smacking its big white lips recovering. we made a
short film of this which i will sort out with the vidmaster asap. well done rab
on catching a fish i`ve spent my whole life dreaming about catching, but just
being there today was good enough for me, and in some of the most beautifull
surroundings u cud ask for. a day i will never forget!! Fishing In Scotland upperavonangling [at] gmail [dot] com

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4 Responses to Roberto’s “Monster Broonie”

  1. Big Roberto says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

  2. Tommy says:

    Saw a photo of this cracker in the bothy on Saturday and seeing it here, in the photo with the “tiny” rod butt alongside looks even more impressive. Great catch and well done landing it.

  3. STAN.B. says:

    thats you in an elite group of anglers now rab!! meanwhile, i will continue to work my way through the six inchers, and dream!! lol

  4. scott kane says:

    thats a great catch roberto one of the best i have seen this season weldone