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Recent Meeting with Lafarge Tarmac

Over the next 5-6 months Lafarge Tarmac are constructing a conveyor system to transport sand and gravel from Bankend quarry (located just below Glengavel reservoir) down to Snabe quarry for processing. The conveyor will run along side the Glengavel burn eventually crossing the Avon just above The Ford. The conveyor will run for 2 miles between the two sites. This development raises a number of concerns with regard to fishing, in particular access to the river and potential contamination.


Roddy and myself arranged a meeting with LafargeTarmac to find out more about the project and how it might impact on the river. We met with Malcolm Stewart and Alan Robertson at the site office at Snabe where they talk us through the timescales for construction, planned access and the general construction and operation of the conveyor. They advised the following;


  • Construction is now underway. The project should be completed by March of next year.
  • Access immediately around the conveyor be will restricted for safety reasons.
  • Access to both sides of the river at the conveyor crossing point will be maintained – the new bridge will be at over 2m high with pedestrian access directly below.
  • Access to both sides of the river from Glengavel bridge will remain unaffected.
  • The conveyor belt will be fully enclosed and is designed contain the sand/gravel and water to avoid any run off into the river.
  • The equipment will be electrically powered so the noise levels should be minimised.
  • The conveyor will run from 07:00-17:00 Mon to Thurs and 07:00 to 16:00 on Friday. It will not be operational at the weekends.


Thanks again to Malcolm and Alan for taking the time to meet us and update us on the works. They have encouraged us to contact them if we have any concerns and have agreed to keep us advised of any construction work that might result in temporary restrictions on the riverside or the surrounding roads.

We expect that fishing and the heath of the river will not be effected by this development, during construction or operation, but if any of our members notice any potential issues please get in touch with myself (or any of the committee) and I will contact the site.

As always, any serious pollution of the river, from any source, should be reported to SEPA.

For more details see Non Technical Summary provided by Tarmac as part of the planning application.


Davy Learmonth

River Manager

07801 365458

Pristine Upper Avon Brownie caught by Davy Learmonth

Pristine Upper Avon Brownie caught by Davy Learmonth

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