Announcements for Reservoir Members

Hi Members

Just to let you know we are preparing for the season ahead – the boats are now out ready and waiting on the 15th of March.

You will have noticed that the new tickets have a tear off portion – this stub has to be filled in and put in a visible position on your dash in your car so we can identify that you are a member and fishing legitimatlely.

We must stress also that you must not park beyond the notice in the car parking area & you must park only in that area. It is also a condition of your permit that you log in at the Boat House by filling in the catch book prior to starting fishing.

All this may seem like hassle but we need to have a good relationship with the local residents and we wish to prevent poachers spoiling our fishing.

There is also a new rule you must even if the gate is open – if you are on the way out or on the way in, please stop & shut the gate. It is our responsibility from now on as club members to always shut the gate. This is for two reasons –  firstly to maintain our good relationship with the local householders, landowners, riparian owners, Scottish Water & secondly to prevent unauthorised people driving down to the reservoir. If they do so there is always the risk as they do not have keys that they will be locked in.

It is important that you know there has already been an attempted poaching incident even before the season has started & we will prosecute any poachers.

We are still awaiting some memberships being renewed – if you intend to renew could you please get in touch asap as we have people on the waiting list who are keen to join.

Even though the Membership is full providing all our members renew – we do have spaces for Juniors & under 13’s – a big part of the UAAA’s purpose is to encourage youngsters into Angling.

Looking forward to March the 15th.


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